Historical Figure Facebook Project
Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
Philadelphia, PA
Computer Science Class

By:Hassan Lowery

My Research!

i picked Pablo Picasso, because his art was wonderful. he is know for having great masterpiece. His artwork was know all around the world. people even stole his art to keep it as their own, or sell it to make a lot of money. He also was very famous. Being an artist granted his with many friends, they are listed in the pictures above.

Pablo Picasso, became one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century and the creator (with Georges Braque) of Cubism. A Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist and stage designer, Picasso was considered radical in his work.

Although his art career spanned over a 7 decade period, Pablo Picasso is most known for his introduction of cubism, and modern approach to painting, which set forth the movements to follow in to the twentieth century.