Dayna V


The clothing the you should were depends on if you are male or female. The women and girls were skirts and a t-shirt or a dress. The men and boys were pants and a t-shirt or shorts and a t-shirt. The food we eat here is rice, paste, fish, fowl, beef, and seafood.


We celebrate Christmas so there are some things you will need. You will need a Christmas tree. Decorations for the Christmas tree such as ornaments tinsle and lights.

Government/country back round

There are two laws you absolutely need to know 1. Respect the environment 2. If any level of authority corrects what you are doing you must listen. Some things from the countries back round you might be interested in is the first tribe to live there was the Khoi-khoi.


The official language is Portuguese English is also prominent in the business world. Although Portuguese is the official language most people communicate through there native languages. Such as Makwa, Xisena,Ciyao and many others.


About half of the population is Christian. In the North the most popular is Islam. Another one is Muslim, but it is not that popular.


Most children don't go to school. But schools are available in many parts of the country. Even though they have school most parents do not let there kids go to school.

Tourist Interest

A lot of tourists are attracted to the warm wether and beaches. Others are interested in the country background. Others are intrested in learning more about the culture.

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