Texas A&M


The State of Texas agreed to create a college under the terms of the Morrill Act in November 1866, but actual formation didn't come until the establishment of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas by the Texas state legislature on April 17, 1871. A commission created to locate the institution accepted the offer of 2,416 acres of land from the citizens of Brazos County in 1871, and instruction began in 1876. Admission was limited to white males, and, as required by the Morrill Act, all students were required to participate in military training.

Since that time Texas A&M has flourished and has become one of the nation's premier research universities. Along with the University of Texas and Rice, it is one of only three Tier 1 universities in the state. In 1971 and 1989 respectively, Texas A&M was designated as a Sea Grant and a Space Grant institution, making it among the first four universities to hold the triple distinction of Land Grant, Sea Grant, and Space Grant designations.

While membership in the Corps of Cadets became voluntary in 1965, it has nonetheless continued to play a key role in the university. The Corps is often referred to as the "Keepers of the Spirit" and "Guardians of Tradition." Texas A&M remains one of only six senior military colleges, and the Corps is the largest uniformed body outside the national service academies. As such it has historically produced more officers than any other institution in the nation other than the academies.

Battle of Flowers Parade in San Antonio

This is an annual parade which the Reveille band is proud to join.

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Texas A&M accepts roughly two-thirds of all applicants. Admissions aren't painfully selective, but applicants will need decent grades and test scores to get admitted. The majority of accepted students had a GPA of B or higher, an SAT score (CR+M+W) above 1500, and an ACT composite score of 22 or higher.

Tuition and Costs

Degree Plan

Composer (professional and school band/orchestra; film/TV/gaming; educational publishing; children’s music; religious music; musical theatre; commercials)

Conductor (professional, college, and youth orchestras; community orchestras; international opportunities)

Classes Needed/Credits

Minimum of 12 courses / 38 credits

  • Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • Harmony
  • Chromatic Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Form and Analysis
  • Jazz Harmony
  • Composition Seminar
  • Tonal Composition
  • Medieval-Renaissance Music
  • Music of the Baroque
  • Music of the Classic Period
  • Music of the Romantic Era
  • Introduction to World Music
  • African Music
  • Musics of Asia
  • Music in the Medieval Islamic World
  • Music & Ecstasy
  • Music and America
  • History of Jazz
  • Rhythm and Blues in American Music
  • Jazz in America
  • Introduction to Irish Folk Music
  • Contemporary Jazz Scenes

Core Classes

Art History Survey II

Dance Appreciation

Design Process

Don Quixote and the other Art

Evolution of the American Musical

French Film

Guitar Heroes

History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture

History of Rock

Introduction to Western Theatre and Drama Creative

Introduction to Film

Introduction to Film Analysis

Introduction to World Theatre

Japanese Traditional Performing Arts

Japanese Traditional Performing Arts

Music in World Cultures

Music in World Cultures

Music of the Americas

Performance in World Cultures

Performance in World Cultures

Performance in World Cultures

Popular Musics in the African Diaspora

Survey of World Architecture History I

Survey of World Architecture History II

Job Description

Annual salary

$16,332 - $190,811

Demand/ Required Education

Many musicians begin their training in elementary and high school. While a formal education is not required for a career in popular music, aspiring classical performers may benefit from bachelors' degree programs in musicology. Admission requirements can include an audition or an audio recording, after which, students may pursue training in music history, performance and theory. Additional training can be found through fellowships or music camps; master's degrees in music are also available.

Cover letter


4900 Alameda Ave

May 19, 2015

Good morning, today I will be applying for a position in your business at the local subway, my application form and recommendations have already been submitted to you along with this cover letter.

As presented before, my grades and studies are on the top ten in the college, and now that I am in need of money, I would like to get a position at your establishment.

My recommendation letter will show you that I am responsible and hard working; I never miss a day unless something important comes up.

One of my many skills include being able to overcome any difficult task in a matter of minutes, as well as thinking fast and finding easier ways to do challenges and tasks.

The reason of why I am interested in working at Subway is because of the multiple things Subway has done for the community, things such as giving the homeless food and sometimes-even shelter from the harsh weather.

Thank you in advance for the time and consideration invested in me, I look forward to meeting you in the future.


Luis Maldonado

1000 Volcanic Rock



Letter of Recommendation

To the people it may concern:

This is my letter of recommendation for Luis Maldonado to Texas A&M University for Music. He has done good in band class according to the band director of the El Dorado High School he’s done exceedingly well in class and at the All Region State Band, he won first for his class to be the first in the school district to be a part of the all region state band in his freshman year after winning the Texas Best Brass and has won many other awards throughout his other years. His grades have been excellent for the semesters and has gotten A’s nothing less and always practices at home with the music we give him and has learnt the music in less than a week.

One of his great talents is being a good a helper towards many other brass players and has helped many others in achieving many of their goals. As being part of the El Paso Symphony Band and being the youngest student to be part of the Symphony Band he has dedicated to band all of his high school years. His love for band is astonishing going to all practices and attending band camp, all regions and all orchestras concerts for his years as a student of El Dorado High School, and achieving every goal he set in band.

Mr. Maldonado is ready for new challenges to be set out for him, only the desire to achieve the best brass in the country and is willing to learn and grow for more education. It is without a doubt I recommend Luis to the Texas A&M band. If you would like to talk more about Mr. Maldonado's’ work you may contact me through dntrujillo00@gmail.com, or via phone number (915) 412-0223.

Daniel Trujillo

Band Department

Band Director of Socorro Independent School District

El Dorado High School

El Paso,TX 79938



Persuasive Essay

Even though there are multiple people applying for a place in your university, I believe that I am one of the best candidates for your university. There are many reasons of why I think I am the best candidate for your university, one being that I’ll get more sponsors and bring more people to your university because of my major and people will want to pursue a career in music and attend your university. Another reason is because of the many accomplishments I will reach when going to your university, one of these may be during competitions and just individual playing, I will excel at whatever is thrown at me in the field of music.