By: Jordan Henderson

A few facts about Nicaragua:

The population of Nicaragua is 5.7 million. The common most used language they use is  Mískito, there is over 154,000 who use this language. The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. Two side-countries  are Honduras and Costa Rica.

Famous Places

A few famous places in Nicaragua are:

-Granada, some things to do in Granada is to visit the Guadalupe Church or the Catedral de Granada. This city has a lot of different things to do. Reviews say that the city and the sites there are beautiful.

-Matagalpa, some things to do here are go to Matagalpa Spanish School, you get a personal tutor to help experience learning a different language. Another thing you could do is go on tours around the cities.

-Leon, some things to do in Leon is visit the Cerro Negro Volcano, or The Las Penitas, its where you go on tour around the city and you get to see most of the nature.  

Food and Drink

One of the most famous fruit in Nicaragua is called the "chashew", the can be eaten alone or turned into juice which has a lot of vitamin C. A most common meal is rice and beans. A famous drink is "pinol", which is toasted, ground corn with water. Another one is "tiste", a variation made with cocoa beans and corn.

Local Expressions

estoy achantado – I am disappointed.

va pues – good-bye, see you.

soltá prende / abrite – tell me/us. expressions used when you want somebody to tell you something.

Climate and Geographary

Nicaragua is mostly beaches and tropical forests, the weather there is rainy or drizzle in January through March, thunderstorms In July through September, And drizzle again in December. As you can see, this is a wet country.

Intresting Facts

The most common sports in Nicaragua is baseball. Most famous baseball player is Porfi Altamirano he was the number one pitcher born in Nicaragua. A famous boxer is Alexis Argüello.

The End

Thank you for taking your time. Have a great day.

- Jordan Henderson

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