Bread of Life
By: Alek Peratoner

The Bread of Life story is when Jesus was approached by the crowds, the jews, his disciples, and the Apostles.

Everyone closed around Jesus to listen in to the wisdom he had to share. He was asked by the people if they could get food from him like he did with the 2 fish and the 5 loaves of bread.

He then shared "why should we eat this bread, when we can eat the bread of eternal life?"

Everyone stared at him and were curious to see what he meant. Jesus further explained that if they ate of his body and drank his blood, they would have eternal life. People, frightened by his comment, fled. First the crowds left.

After the crowds left, Jesus continues explaining how he descended from Heaven and he was the bread of life, which the Jews were angered and offended by. They claimed he was Mary' son and that there was no possible way he could be from Heaven.

Jesus then explained how that if they ate his flesh and blood, that they would be granted eternal life. The jews, who had enough of the blasphemy, left claiming he was crazy. Jesus continued explaining to his disciples about this and they though he was becoming a cannibal.

Even his disciples, thinking he was crazy, left him with his apostles. Even though the apostles were confused, they knew that he was not talking about cannibalism. Eventually, this led to the clarification at the last supper that Christ was the eucharist and that he was the bread of life.

His disciples finally understood the message and they thought he was not crazy anymore and that he was truly from heaven.

If you were in the crowds, what would you have done when you heard these words from Christ?

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3 years ago

Excellent Job, Alek! Watch for typoes. Also, Jews and Last Supper should be capitalized.