Team Palmer Newsletter
Week of 4/20/15 - 4/24/15
Unit 6 Week 5
Topic 15 Measurement

Reading Our story this week is “Grace for President”.

Amazing words – ceremony, culture, festival, fidget,

multicolored, compliment, evergreen, sash

Vocabulary – assembly, election, rallies, slogan, microphone, speeches

Comprehension Skills – Facts and Details Predict and Set Purpose

***STAR Reading Test

Spelling Words midair misplace mislead bought midweek

misprint midday either midway misbehave

midyear assembly mismatch misdeed mistake

election rallies slogan speeches microphone

***Our spelling test will be on Thursday, April 23.

Math Topic 15: Measurement

***STAR Math Test

English We’ll learn how to use commas in compound sentences.

Science PLTW - Matter

Important Dates:

April 20-24, 2015: STAR Testing

April 23, 2015: Take your child to work day

April 27, 2015: Fun Run Pep Rally

April 29, 2015: Spring Fun Run

April 30, 2015: Field Trip to Burritt

May 1, 2015: Field Trip to Selma

May 8, 2015: Sweets & Treats for Mothers & Fathers

Please encourage your child to keep reading. AR goals are due May 7th.