Suzy & Claire- Period 1

1. How did Jamestown start?

The colony of Jamestown was founded in 1607 when 105 colonists landed near the mouth of the James River, in Virginia.

2. Who was John Smith?

Captain John Smith was the leader of the Jamestown colony and required all men to work the jobs necessary for survival.

3. What happened in the winter of 1609-1610?

The winter of 1609-1610 was known as the ''starving time'' ; All but 60 of the 500 colonists would die.


1. The Occupation Of Land In America

Smith says there is so much uninhabited land in Florida, Virginia, New England, and Cannada, their natives so few, and in England a great need.

"For God did make the world to be inhabited with mankind," further Smith says " And here in Florida, Virginia, New England, and Cannada, is more land than all the people in Christendome can manure (cultivate), and yet more to spare than all the natives of those countries can use and culturate (cultivate)." yet he says , "for a copper knife and a few toys, as beads and hatchets, they will sell you a whole Countrey (district); and for a small matter, their houses and the ground they dewell upon; but those of Massachusets have resigned theirs freely".Advertisements

2. George Percy quotation on the "Starving Time"

"Now all of us at James Town, beginning to feel that sharp prick of hunger, which no man [can] truly describe but he which hath tasted the bitterness thereof. A world of miseries ensued . . . [and] some, to satisfy their hunger, have robbed the store, for the which I caused them to be executed. Then having fed upon horses and other beasts as long as they lasted, we were glad to make shift with vermin, as dogs, cats, rats, and mice. All was fish that came to net to satisfy cruel hunger, as to eat boots, shoes, or any other leather some could come by. And those being spent and devoured, some were enforced to search the woods and to feed upon serpents and snakes and to dig the earth for wild and unknown roots, where many of our men were cut off and slain by the [Indians]. And now famine beginning to look ghastly and pale in every face that nothing was spared to maintain life and to do those things which seem incredible . . .”

Source: George Percy, “A True Relation of the Proceedings and Occurrents of Moment which Have Hap’ned in Virginia . . . ,” as quoted in Edward Wright Haile, ed., Jamestown Narratives: Eyewitness Accounts of the Virginia Colony, the First Decade, 1607–1617 (Champlain, Va.: Round House, 1998), p. 505.

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