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"Yup... We can talk about that too!"

Relationships!!! hard right? I mean you want things to run smoothly, but for some strange reason you fight about EVERY thing. And I'm not talking about the tough issues I'm talking about the little insignificant stuff that doesn't matter. A "How was your day?" could turn into "Why can't you say whats on your mind?" or " Honey whats for dinner?" could turn into " What! your expecting me to cook and clean too!!?." Miss Understandings is what I like to call the "conversations" me and my significant other sometimes have. When two people are trying to express themselves it tends to become heated, and the meaning of the initial argument was lost in the shuffle. A "we don't spend anytime together" has gone to "you never help around the house any more". Is it Miss Understandings or something else? Have we gotten to the point where we no longer go straight to the core of the problem, but dance around it like children in school. Our everyone problems have become the substitute of the actual relationship. Like "love and peace" was too boring and needed a little "anger and resentment" to spice things up. Relationships...Hard right?

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