Did we just become best friends?

(I'm thinking yep.)

Hi, My name is Carrie.

I'm looking for a room to rent in the San Francisco area, preferably closer to SOMA and the BART. I currently live and work in Mountain View as a designer for early stage startups, but I'm getting pretty tired of my commute to the city and definitely have a severe case of 'burb boredom.
Below are a few reasons I think I would make an alright roommate and pretty awesome new friend.

I am..

  • A 24 year old designer from Ohio that is nerdy about startups and still loves the midwest. I work and sleep regular hours, bake when I'm stressed, and eat pretty horribly (so. much. pizza.). Easygoing and laugh a lot. I graduated college about a year ago, so I still like to go out and dance but I'm not about to bring the party back home. I have some good friends in the city, but am always looking to meet new people!

Looking for...

  • Some fun, hardworking roommates, girls or guys, with a spare room. Hoping to call this new place home for awhile and get away from the quiet suburbs. Bonus points if you are within fifteen or so minute walking distance of the Bart.  

I like to read, bake pies in mason jars, work from coffee shops, hang out with my boyfriend, and occasionally (unnecessarily?) wrap food in bacon.

Things I Do Have:

  • A ukulele, which I play at entirely reasonable hours.
  • A sewing machine. You know, for costumes and fixes and such.
  • Really awesome headphones as seen above.
  • A few too many craft and design supplies, but no worries, they can stay in my room.

Things I Don't Have:

  • Any pets. Or crazy allergies to other people's pets.
  • A judgmental attitude or piles of drama
  • A lot of stuff. Like, in general. I'm not about to clog up your kitchen cabinets with waffle-maker, quesadilla-maker, panini-maker and other nonsense or bring a bunch of furniture.
    I do however have a Magic Bullet, cause it's awesome.

Sometimes I coordinate themed bar crawls like "March of the Penguins."
Okay, it was just once, but I'm looking forward to throwing another soon. Any ideas?

I make coffee every morning. Nothing fancy, just french press goodness. I can make you some too if you'd like.

I can design things. All sorts of things. You can even check out my portfolio-in-progress if you'd like. Above is what its going to look like, when I'm not so busy looking for a new home base.

I don't watch a lot of TV (haven't even had one in years) but I'll be damned if I miss a new episode of Game of Thrones.

Contact Me

If you have a room and are interested, we should meet up! I'd love to tour the place or maybe grab some coffee together!
Email me at carrieflips@me.com, or follow me on Twitter @carrieflips

Thanks to Shyama Golden for the inspiration for this little project.
Also, I threw this little web flyer together in ~30 minutes and it was my first time using the Tackk. It's a pretty amazing startup and the cofounders are friends of mine from back east. You should check them out!

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