Chapter 1

Worlds beyond our imagination

Once upon a time…no, no, no…that is not a fairy tale, so let’s start in a different way. The story begins with a boy who lived in a big city, in a huge country and a colossal world. Apparently, he was a person who others would call normal; He studied in a “common school” located at the suburb of the city; He did not have lots of friends, but people would say that he did have enough to be happy.

You must be asking yourself: Where did it happen?! The city was named Alphatrah. In that town, Anthony felt “alone together.” He all the time looked at people walking around with their happy souls, helping each other, appreciating the nature, and he did not understand why of it all.

Anthony always lived in that city. His home was located approximately 9Km, in our measuring system, from the downtown, so there was not lots of to see or do. He lived with his parents: Anfra, his lovely mother and Thron, his integrate father. Also, he did have a brother called Mide who always helped Anthony with many different things you can imagine.

The world, called Axia, was located in another place where humans probably would call another Universe; A place governed by other laws that humans would never dare think about.

Another important aspect is that the word “people” has a different meaning in the distant world called Earth. People in Axia are taller, stronger and wiser than humans. Their skin shines brightly like a stone known in our world as diamond. They lived in harmony, and they were organized in societies called Mitris. Similar to our towns, Mitris followed rules and codes to respect and protect their citizens from the chaos.

Ellos, how the Axia’s inhabitants were called, lived in so high buildings that it was almost possible to touch the colour sky. Those constructions were made by powerful parts of old trees which after died, lent their bodies for Ellos make their houses.

The Universe where Axia was placed is completely different from the place where the human race lives. There is no darkness. Nothing is touchable with human hands. Nothing is physical. Everything is perceptible. There is no planets, stars, comets, etc. There is no beginning and end. In Axia, the ground is made up by different colours that I am not able to describe. There are many animals that coexist in harmony with Ellos. That Universe is made only for energy.

To be continued