90’s Cartoons You Loved As A Kid

Many great things made the nineties a golden decade that will never be forgotten, no matter the time, no matter the space. From unique fashion trends and tattoo chokers to popular TV Shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, Michael Jordan’s greatest records in the history of basketball – it is all signed with the 90’s signature. But, let’s not forget one more thing, perhaps the most important one – the amazing generation of cartoons ever! Yeah, you have read it right, we have been all addicted to the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Cartoon Network, remember?

The 90’s are the decade of the greatest animation of all times, where each of the cartoons coming from these times was a great story for itself. It is an undeniable fact that we have learned a lot of things, or better said, life lessons from the 90's cartoon characters. Luckily, we can go back to our dearest childhood memories anytime we want, thanks to the brilliant option to watch cartoon shows online wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection.

It is always a good idea to honor the things that have been pretty important to you at certain, point of time. And since we have all had our beautiful cartoon-childhood moments as 90’s kids, let’s refresh our memories and throw a glance at what we loved watching once upon a time.

Johnny Bravo

This was the cartoon that was simply rocking at the Cartoon Network channel. Johnny Bravo taught us a huge lesson about persistence, but the stupid one. He was a clever guy with an extreme level of self-confidence that unfortunately, was always getting him turned down by women. It was fun seeing him showing off in front of women with that gym-rat body and fancy blonde hair that no matter Johnny’s non-stopping efforts, they were never enough to make him a winner. Being a real matrix of humor, the ‘Johnny Bravo’ cartoon craved its honored place in the world of pop-culture parody.

The Powerpuff Girls

There is one word that can describe the three cute Powerpuff Girls we all loved watching – awesomeness! This extraordinary cartoon labeled with Cartoon Network channel again, was nothing but a pure parody of superhero conventions. ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ gained so much success and global popularity, that the cartoon was nominated even six times at the Emmy Awards, carrying two wins from there. Each of the characters this cartoon featured, made it worth watching and remembered up to the present-day.

Batman: The Animated Series

I believe that even the first beats of the epic, yet slightly scary theme song of this cartoon will immediately revive your memories and feelings of watching ‘Batman: The Animated Series.’ This cartoon will be forever remained as a one-of-a-kind combination of darkness, maturity, action and fun. The whole series featured an amazing soundtrack, perfectly expressing the bold character of our favourite superhero Batman and his foe – The Joker. It won’t be wrong to say that ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is the most memorable cartoon of the 90’s, don’t you agree?