Social Media
Unit 1
What Social Media is around and what is it used for?

What are the major Social Media channels and how/why are they used?

Facebook: People mainly use this for communicating with other people for example their friends or family or both. This could also be used to make a page about a product or a company to promote the product.

Twitter: People use this mainly to share information to other people around the world and even perhaps make new friends. This can also be used to promote products of their company around the world so that other people will see their product.

Google+: This is also used for the same thing as Facebook to communicate with their friends.

Reddit: A popular social media site which is used to communicate with friends.

Compare characteristics of two Social Media sites looking at the characteristics of Social Media channels

I am going to be comparing 2 different popular social media sites which are Facebook and Twitter:

These 2 websites are used in different ways. Facebook is mainly used to communicate with friends and family were as Twitter is used to share information around the world instead of communicating with just friends and family.

Twitter can be used quite effectively in promoting products and different companies.

Facebook can be still used like this but not quite as effective as Twitter. So mainly Facebook is used to communicate instead of promotion.

What are specialist Social Media sites and what would they be used for?

There are many photography sites such as Flickr and 500px. These are used to share some pictures which you may have taken so then other people can have a look at them and admire the photos you have taken. These websites only specialise in this.  

Why do we use Social Media?

What are the reasons you used Social Media?

I used to use Social Media but I don't any more because it caused a lot of arguing for me and I got bullied a bit from it and then I deleted it. But I did used it just to mainly communicate with my friends and family.

Why do you think businesses or self employed creative people use Social Media?

I think that different companies/businesses use Social Media to promote their company/product to make it more famous and well known on Social Media plus it is really easy to set up a page about a company.

How does using Social Media for personal use and Social Media for business differ?

Business will be mainly public were as personal use would be mainly private and only suited to friends and family. These would be normally separate accounts because it wouldn't look good on your business page if someone from your family/friend life posting on your business wall.

Where do you find "listening tools" to monitor the success of social media?

These are successful to social media because a lot of people share videos so people would want to listen and watch these videos. The majority of social media is videos now.

What are the risks of Social Media?

What are the personal risks to you whilst using Social Media?

A lot of the time it would be mainly cyberbullying because this mainly takes place on Social Media sites and is mainly why people don't use Social Media sites.

Discuss how what you post can impact on your employability and or employment

Because if you post a mean comment or something racist etc. this can effect how people look at you. This makes it so people will not want to employ you because of your mean comments.  

Unit 2 - Social Media for Personal Use

Thinking about social networks, blogs, microblogs, wikis, podcasts, forums, media sharing, RSS feeds, bookmarking, social news - which would you use for what purpose?

I would use mainly social networks to communicate/talk to my friends and family, I don't need to share information to people around the world so I don't need a Twitter nor a different social network site because most of them only consist of sharing information.

How would you identify and grow your audience as a business or a self employed person?

You would look at the amount of likes you have on your post and who they are from so then you can then relate to your target audience.

How would you engage with them?

You would do this by posting a specific post on a specific subject to your target audience so then it is only for your target audience and no one else.

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