Medieval Apparel

Deirdre Taylor

Medieval princess wore beautiful gowns. They would wear beautiful colors to show that they were loyalty. Also they wore loose braids and if they had long hair they sometimes wore it in a net. They wore undershirts with embroidery sowed on and it is all topped with a jeweled crown. They were truly beautiful.

In medieval Europe

In Medieval Times knights wore metal armor. They wore metal to protect themselves from the weapons. Knights wore metal chest plates, metal pants, metal helmets, and metal boots.They had many metal weapons to use against the enemies.

In Medieval Europe, servants did not have as much luxury as other people. They usually wore rags over their head and dirty cloth on their bodies. They had ripped or no shoes. They lived in little houses and worked on the farm of the manner.

In Medieval Europe, kings wore fur. They had big fur coats. They usually wore purple or red coats to show their loyalty. They dressed very fancy and, sometimes wore jewelry. Don't forget the crown!

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