Red Kayak Final Project

By:Arshbir, Hasnain, Akash, Daniel


The book is about three best friends but two of them get in trouble. The main mood towards the book is a sad tone because of the main theme which is grief.That affects the theme by creating a suspenseful atmosphere.A very common use of figurative language is an oxymoron.

The author Priscilla Cummings

Priscilla Cummings grew up in the middle of three children on a dairy farm in Western Massachusetts. Now she lives in Annapolis, Maryland. She became an author because when she was a little girl, she enjoyed reading and writing stories. She has been an author since 1986. She has a husband and two daughters. She also has two cats.

Chesapeake Bay the setting

This whole thing started at Chesapeake Bay. It is 8 hours and 40 minutes away from Edmonton.

The Characters

4.Brady-He is 13 years old. Loves life on Chesapeake Bay. Baby-sits Ben. Goes crabbing with his dad. Had a younger sister named Amanda. They named a boat after her to remember her.

Digger-His real name is MIchael Griswald. He is tough. He has a younger brother. He is strong. He is tall. Has a small mustache.

J.T-His real name is Jeremy Tyler. He acts nice to others. He is trustworthy. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. Seems vulnerable. He likes green tea.

Plot Diagrams

Plot Diagrams

Exposition-Introduction introduces characters and setting.

Rising Action-The suspense is being built towards the climax

Climax-When they try to solve the problem

Falling Action-When the suspense starts to go down

Resolution-When all of it is solved

Character vs...

Character vs Character - Brady vs Digger and JT

Character vs Nature - Brady vs River

Character vs Self - Brady vs himself because he thought it was his fault that Ben died

Character vs Society - When he tells people the truth about Ben and how people will rract to that.


Our group gave the novel a 4 out of 5. We gave it a 4 because it builded up suspense and had a moment where the reader held their breath.

Foreshadowing and flashbacks

Foreshadowing-”I glimpsed the remains of an old dock--and a single, bright spot of yellow.

Flashback-”In some ways, it started over a year ago.”

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