Chapter 1 Project
Xena Hinton

Math III Honors


The Survey

The Graph Data

The Product to make Transportation faster and easier.

The Flying Pod

With this pod you can have it delivery to your house or wherever you are. It is a two seater that has two controls so when one person get's tired the other person can take over. Also include is gps if you get lost or need directions, a touch screen window radio to scan through the channels, and when ever you need it or in case of emergency it has a 24-hour respond service to be there for you. It would only cost $5.00 for one person and $3.00 for two. So once your finish with the pod all you do it press the signal button and it self would return back for you to use again.

What they want the product to do

To be Storm Proof

Turbo Speed

Seat Scrubs

Speck Speech


Alert's (Danger, Storm, Low on Fuel, etc.)

Builtin Bed/Chair


What they would want to change about the product

Butterfly doors


Signal Lights

More space

More conventent