Research People Who Have Made a Difference

You will work in pairs to conduct research about someone who has made a difference in their community or state. You will then create an outline or time line of important events in the person's life.

Steps to follow:

1. Select a Person - Discuss with your partner which person you would like to research. You may take ideas from texts we've read this week or do some searching of your own and research someone new. Make sure your person can be easily researched!

2. Find Resources - Please use the following search engines:

3. Gather Information - Create an Accordion Foldable to note ideas from different sources, focusing on important facts and details about the person's life. Remember to list each source in your notes. You will use this to create a resource list or bibliography of sources you've used.

4. Create Project- Work together to create a time line or outline of the person's life. Feel free to add illustrations to your display.

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