5 Tips for Online Safety

                                                                  By Jalen Hoffman

                 Tip 1- Don't Share Personal Information

Don't share your personal information because, if your tell someone your address or school address that person could come, find you and hurt you.

                          Tip 2- Don't Share Your Password

Don't share your password with anyone except a trusted adult.    

                        Tip 3- Put Secerity Settings on

Put your secerity settings on because if someone looks you up they won't be able to see any of your stuff unless you want them to.

                                     Tip 4- Talk to an Adult

Talking to a trusted adult can help any problem your having.

            Tip 5-  Don't Add People That You Don't Know

If you add someone you don't know thay may seem cool but, they could be some stalker person.

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