Things About Me

My favorite sport is basketball

I like to play basketball with my friends. I have been playing basketball for 3 years. My favorite team in the NBA Golden State Warriors, and my favorite player is Stephen Curry.

One of my favorite songs

I like this song because of its beats. I also like this song because it makes me feel confident, and I like the lyrics to songs.

My favorite color

My favorite color is blue because it is come color. To add on its  a color that covers almost three froths of the earth.

My favorite place in the world

My favorite place is the golden temple. It is located in India in the center of a lake. It also is a religious temple.

My favorite type of art

This is my favorite type of art because its very eye catching. It also can be anything I want it to be, and I like to use patterns in different ways.

My favorite animal

I like cheetahs because of the way they act and the way they handle themselves. I also like the because of their remarkable speed and because of the way the hunt .

My favorite video game

This is my favorite video game because it is challenging, I can play against my friends, and its fun. My favorite player in the NBA is on the cover, and playing video games is my hobby.

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