Corruption of Society

Current Event

     The current event about Nadia, The Veldt and An Essay On Man all correlate because they discuss how the dependence of technology leads to the decline of intelligence and lack of face to face interactions aid in the corruption of society. This theme is also displayed in Fahrenheit 451 through the society's contingency on the wall-size TV. "But I don't think it's social to get a bunch of people together and then no let them talk, do you?" Clarisse questions Montag on his opinion of their "social" abilities (Bradbury 29). The education is dependent on TV to fill class time and leads to a corruption in how they interact and that forces them to find new ways to communicate. That leads to violence and corruption in society. Mrs. Bowles explains to Mildred how "you heave them into the 'parole' and turn the switch" (Bradbury 93). This example of how often parents depend on TV's to do their job for them and that produces broken families and will lead to teen violence. A common theme throughout is the increased reliance on technology and how they contribute in depriving society.

Connection to Fahrenheit 451

     Both The Veldt and An Essay On Man, connect to the idea of over dependence on technology, this is also shown in the cyber bullying suicide of Nadia. In The Veldt, technology is represented by the nursery in which the parents rely on to take over their parental obligations. Because the parents were not involved in their childrens' lives and technology took over, the family slowly became fragmented and the children were corrupted. This resulted in the parents demise. In Nadia's case, she used social media to get sympathy after breaking up with her boyfriend, in return she was cyber bullied. Nadia used the Internet to voice her opinion and make herself feel worthy. She was dependent on technology, which eventually drove her to take her life. In An Essay On Man, the advancements of technology like the nursery, in The Veldt and social media will lead to the corruption of society.

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