Internet Saftey

                                            1.  ALWAYS THINK BEFORE POSTING

Never post anything that you don't want certian people to see because once it's posted it is avalible for everyone.

                                   2.  DON'T EVER MEET STRANGERS IN PERSON

If you ever meet people online that ask you to meet up some where just block them and let your parents know.

                                                         3.  RANDOM MESSAGES

Don't ever respond to random messages just delete them and then alert a parent or gaurdian.

                                            4.  DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFO

Never give your personal info because people could find you or they could get into your account and mess stuff up.

                                                            5.  BE NICE ONLINE

Always treat people online the way you would treat them in real life you never know what they could be going through.

                                                                              This tackk was made by Sterling Rauch-Word

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