The Maze Runner

by  James Dashner


In this book Thomas the main character wakes up on a lift in the middle of the glade. Soon after that the only memory that comes back to him is his name. Every thirty days a new boy comes up on the lift. The Maze opens and only the runners get to go in and try to find a way out. The Maze is not something to toy with and you do not want to get caught behind the walls of it. There are all boys living in the Glade and one day the first girl comes up on the lift but not at anytime the boys were expecting. Thomas seems to have a lot on his mind and he seems different from the others. We will soon find out.


“If you ain’t scared… you ain’t human.”

“Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

“WICKED is good”

Why I Liked It

I liked this book a lot because it kept my interested and it was a good read. It took me a little bit but it was interesting and something new was happening every chapter so iwasnt bored at all. It was written wel and I liked how the author set it up.


I would give this book a four out of five. it was very good and it was exciting but it was a bit slow at parts. I was sometimes confused too during chapters. Other than that I really enojoyed this book.


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