My Magic Door

My magic door would be made out of wood because I love it. The door is in my garage in my house. Inside the door, there would be a massive forest with towering trees. It would be full with quite a lot of scary things like phantoms, shadow warriors or even death beasts that can obey me if I want them to. It would also be quite strange and you could do anything and make anything with a single thought.

There are endless opportunities of what you could turn the world into, a medieval kingdom or a high tech city.

There would be a massive castle which is far out to the East which is mine. It would be full of awesome things like a virtual reality room where I could be in a video game with my favorite characters or I could be in a movie like the hobbit and become Bilbo Baggins or a teleporter which can take me to alternate universes which I could explore. And there is always my 500 butlers ready to serve me with all different kinds of delicacies. I also would have a massive army which has all different types of warriors like normal humans or strange creatures like centaurs.

There is also another castle to the West but it will be filled with giants and witches led by their king, Jason. We would often have some battles but usually we would be peaceful. All of my best friends could be with me on a quest or my family could join me to lounge in my envious castle.

Anyone can come and just open the wooden door and join me in this awesome place.This is definitely the best place on the planet because there is nothing you really can’t do and it is only seconds away!!!

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