Howard's English Period 4

Ashley with the dark eyes

Ashley dances through the rain

Ashley whose heart is as big as the moon

Is walkng to the place of greys and blank people.

Jumps toward the ocean of fears

Shivers from the cold breeze

Hinds the inside pain

Hops through the flowers

Sees the beauty of the beast

Ashley walks to the bus stop to start her painful day

Sits in sorrow on the dark, dreadfull sit

Waiting for the laughs and snickers that are sent from kids

Because she is already used to it

Ashley steps through the doors

Unlocking the locker of care

Waiting for the bell to ring

Is scary for her because all she hears is shallow

Ringing of the bell

Laughter of the children

Walking to the bus in shame

Waiting for the repeat of the long school days

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