Hailey Lewis

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These are two of my best friends, Korin and Shelby.  If I'm not with them, then I'm at home with my brothers, Marcus and Dorian, and my mom.  My oldest brother, Marcus, graduated and now he's in college, but my other brother, Dorian, is still in high school.  My brothers and I all played soccer our whole lives, and we still do.  I also referee at west county soccer games.  

Three things about me


I love cheerleading.  I started doing cheer in the seventh grade.  Competitive cheer has become my favorite thing to do, and what makes it even better is all my friends are on the cheer squad.  I started taking gymnastic classes in the seventh grade, and my progress has grown.  My favorite part of cheerleading is stunting and tumbling.


I have been playing soccer my whole life.  Since I was four my favorite place to be was on the field.  My brothers and I have all played soccer since we were little, and we all have a passion for this sport.  I couldn't play soccer my freshman year, because my hips and back just couldn't take it any longer, but I will be continuing soccer next year.  I do referee at other soccer games though.  


My favorite candy is Reese's.  Whenever I go to the store I would always get Reese's, nothing else.

My Goals

One of my main goals in life is to get through school, and to do that I need to stay on task and to complete each year with passing grades that I'm happy with.  I can't just walk away from everything that I think is too hard for me, I need to pick myself back up and try again.

Another goal I have is to get into a good college, and to do that I need to keep my grades up.  So, that means to study for each and every test, and to stay focused in class.

My last main goal I want to accomplish is get first place in competitive cheer.  If I want to accomplish that goal, not just me, but my whole team needs to work hard and keep trying.   

I would love to go to...

I would love to go to Orlando, Florida.  Orlando has beautiful beaches and it's always hot.  Also, Walt Disney World is in Orlando, Florida.  I always wanted to go there.  

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