Sports and entertainment Final project
By: Nick Thompson

evaluation of the movie poster

This is my evaluation of a movie poster i have used the poster we survived becuase it looks very interesting and suspencefull. This particualar poster looks like it is about a black man that fights for his freedom. Im guessing this movie is from the 1800,s or early 1900,s becuase he has the lanturen and a wooden boat and a light house . He and some friends must have wanted freedom from slavory and they are trying to make it to the light house. It appers that thay ran into some trouble with the weather becuase it is raining and most likely thundering to . He must have ran into some pirats on the way to cuase he has a big cut on his face from what looks like a sword.

3 marketing strategies for movie marketing

i belive that the top 3 marketing strategies for movie marketing are trailors on social media comercials on tv air time and the previews at the theator when you go to see a movie. Trailors is the most intresting to its viewers it gives them a good idea of what it is about and it gets them interested in the movie and wanting more. The trailors also give extra infromation on the movie like the cast and how it all came together. Trailors also may show the deleted scenes that are very funny. comercials on tv get the people who could care less actually wanting to see the movie. The best is when its a kids show and the kids see the comercial and there like mommy mommy acan we see the movie. The theater showings advertisement works mainly cuase the costomer will have a good time and then they think well id like to go again but they dont know what to whatch well now they do.

3 marketing strategies for entertainment in general

I think that the most important and most succesfull types of advertisemant for music new tv shows or movies are social media tv comercials and radio comercials. New artists or new songs go on you tube imediatly and within a day there is hundreds of thousends of views by people all across the world. This is the most benificial way to get people talking about the song movie or show it keeps the buzz going. Movies usually are just aired on tv comercials witch are aired all across the world. Most people whatch tv in their free time and after awhile they get fed up with sitting around and doing nothing but whatching tv so they decide to go see something different in a different location tada movie theater and where do they find the movie they want to see tv comercials. Radio comercials are extremly benificial to becuase they give there opinion on the show or movie or song and they let people call in to give there opinion on what they are talking about to.

If your ran your own ammusment park

If i ran my own ammusment park the aditional values i would offer include. A simple base price for most rides. I would have different sections the beginer section an advanced section and a baller section. The beginer section would be basic rides that all ages can enjoy with a flat price and no line budging. The advanced would be rides twice as fast and twice as big and twice the price. The big thing that will be different is if you have already bought the basic ticket then you only have to pay half for the advanced ticket. The tickets would last 24 hours from the time you bought them but if you like you can buy tickets that last longer in all sections of the park. The baller section would be rides that are insane barly legal and very expensive the ticket will be 3 times as much as the advanced ticket . The basic and advanced will bring in some money but the baller would bring in most or all of the money becuase people will be so interested to try it out and not to mention the tshirt you get with the ticket cup and hat will all be great memorabelia and a wonderfull or frightfull memorie to share with friends and family. With all these options the costmer will want to stay becuase of all the different levels.

Things for artists to remember if they don't have a label

They should remember that it is hard out there and that they need somone to help even a friend or family member. The artist has to make videos of him working on the new songs and videos of the finished songs. To do that you would need a camera man but if your independant then you would not have a camera man. It is possible to do it independantly but it is very hard like catching a shark. It is possible though if you are truely dedicated to what you do. The best way to become succesfull is if you have your family help you with the marketing and getting the stuff you need to perform. It is very difficult for you to do it by yourself .

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