The ABC's of Culture


By: Matthew Diffenderfer

Germany is located in Europe and is one of the largest countries in it.


Germany has invented many foods Americans like to eat today.

In Hamburg they invented Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were invented in Frankfurt.

One of their other famous foods is called a bratwurst. It is a sausage made from finely chopped meat. It is usually grilled or pan fried.

A bratwurst.

Ways to Have Fun

Most activities in Germany are tourist attractions.

There are many castles in Germany, one of them is called Neuschwanstein Castle.

It is located in Schwangau, Germany and was home to King Ludwig.

Neuschwanestien castle is located on a mountain overlooking Schwangau, Germany.


Women in certain parts of Germany wear a traditional dress called a dirndl, a folk dress that comprised a full skirt, blouse, bodice and apron.

Business dresses for men is a suit and tie, for woman its a former trouser or skirt dress.

The people in Germany also wear different cloths for different seasons.

A dirndl German dress.

Quality of Life

Germany is a good place to live.

They are not poor and their houses are pretty big.

They also have lots of entertainment and historic sites for tourists.

Berlin, Germany.


Most Germans live in cities. About 60% of them live in cities.

They live in cities because they are closest to the historic sites and other attractions.

The other 40% live in rural areas and small towns.  

Some of the major cities in Germany.


One of the principles of culture I chose was principle #1 (Culture is shared among a group of people) . I chose this because almost all German woman wear different dresses for different seasons and everyone eats brots. I also chose predicable #4 (Culture is both seen and unseen). I chose this one because you can see there dresses and castles, but you cant see why they wear and built them.

I learned that American culture is a lot more simple than most other cultures. It seems like there are some really good places to live (like Germany or America) and then there's really bad places to live.


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