Book Lover

I have a big love for books. Every time I get to read a book, it makes my day complete. I am just new in being a book lover. I don't read books before, but my friend lent me a book even though I did not asked for it. I accepted it and tried to read it until I reached the end. It was boring in the beginning, but time passed by and I have admired the story. That's the time I started buying books for a cheap price and it was just so amazing how it changed my life. From being a computer gamer, I turned out to be a book lover. I found it more worth reading a book than playing computer games. When you read a book, your knowledge about things are getting bigger and your vocabulary gets wider.

A lot of people says reading a book is so boring. But it's actually not. They just said it because they did not really understand anything from the book they read. They read it without opening their minds for understanding and opening their hearts for love. If you are not passionate about something, you will not really appreciate any of it.

Most of the book I have read is all about romance, I have only read one book about life because most of the books I bought in the store (where my books came from) are romantic novels. And it makes me happier every time I get a new word knowing it will be added to the words I already knew because of reading books.

I think being a book geek is not bad at all, instead it's fun and amazing.