Speed Stacks

What is it?

Sport stacking is an exciting sport where students stack and unstack 12-specially designed cups in predetermined sequences. Students race against the clock for faster times and race against each other in relays.


hand-eye coordination





develops both sides of the brain

Group Orders


-receive special school discounts on their favorite gear

-take advantage of free shipping on all orders

-help our school earn free equipment

How to:

1. Choose your items from the product brochure

2. Go to the Group Order Store online at www.speedstacks.com/go

3. Find our school in the listing and place your order.

Speed Stack Options

Competitor -- 12 cups, Gen 3 StackMat, DVD & Gear Bag ($29.99)

Competitor with Upgrade to Pro Timer -- 12 cups, StackMat Pro, DVD & Gear Bag ($34.99)

Elite -- 12 cups, Gen 3 StackMat, DVD & Backpack ($39.99)

Ultimate -- 12 cups, StackMat Pro, DVD & Backpack ($49.99)

STACKit -- 12 cups, STACKit Timer & DVD ($21.99)

Set Only -- 12 cups, Holding Stem & DVD ($14.99)

Cup Color

Really Red

Royal Purple

Cool Blue

Neon Pink

Neon Orange

Neon Yellow

Neon Green

Black Flames

Zippy Leopard

Pro Series 2 - Clear

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