The Percent of Change of Ford Mustang Price

How has the price of a Ford Mustang changed from
1964 to 2014?

By: Olivia Allen

Everybody knows the price of cars have risen, but how much has the Ford Mustang's price increased?  2014 is the 50th year anniversary of the Ford Mustang.  The Mustang made it's deb

1st year - 1964 Ford Mustang  -  $2,368

50th year - 2014 Ford Mustang  -  $36,100

A 2014 Ford Mustang costs 33,732 more dollars than it did in 1964.

This is a dramatic increase, but what percent of change is this?

The percent change for a Ford Mustang over fifty years is 1,424.5%!  

It is not really a surprise that the price of the Ford Mustang has exploded so much in price.  Of course inflation has affected the price of everything.  However, the cost of automobiles has increased for other reasons as well.  

-Vehicles of today are safer.  They have air bags, crumple zones, and crash bars.  These things did not exist in 1964.

-Automobiles have better performance, run cleaner and are more fuel efficient making them better for the environment.  In 1964 the Ford Mustang was powered by a 210 horse power engine and only made 18 miles per gallon (no distinction for highway versus city driving).  The 2014 Ford Mustang boasts a 500 horse power engine and makes 17 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

-Lastly cars today are technologically amazing.   Many come with GPS, Blue tooth, and Sirius radio included.

With all of these improvements and advancements, it is not a surprise that the price of a Ford Mustang has increased $33,732, a 1,424.5% change over the past 50 years.   


Future Prediction-  I predict that the price of a Ford Mustang will increase.  If the percent of change continues at 1,424.5%, the Ford Mustang will cost $550,345 in 2064.  

The link to The Prediction for the Cost of a Ford Mustang in 2064 Work

I think this prediction seems unlikely.  I think it could be more precise if I could account for the rate of inflation.  Although this could all be changed if the Ford Mustang becomes a flying Ford Mustang...

It is important to consider percent change predictions because it can help the buyer plan on how much to save for the car they might like to own.  


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