Paul Revere

By Brandon Jackson

Born: january 1, 1735 in north end boston,Massschusetts

Died: May 10,1818

Occupation: silversmith,colonial militia officer

Spouse(s): Sarah Orne (1757)(her death)

Children: 8 with sarah Orne (6 survived)

Paul Revere  went on the late night ride to  warn the village that the British were coming and that saved the whole village from a down fall .  The British would of took all of the weapons and stuff like that .Although most familiar as the hard-riding hero of Longfellow’s poem, Paul Revere’s claims to historical significance rest even more on his talent as a craftsman and on his industrial perspicacity. The son of a Huguenot silversmith, Apollos Rivoire, and Deborah Hitchbourn, Revere received a rudimentary “writing-school” education before turning to his father’s trade. Upon the latter’s death, Paul at nineteen assumed artistic responsibility for the family’s shop. Over the next twenty years, he became one of the preeminent American goldsmiths–a term that encompassed every phase of the eighteenth-century precious-metals craftsman’s art. Besides silver bowls

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