Sprinkles Ice Cream

By:Nyla Dahlberg 9/30/14

In my Business "Sprinkles" I will be selling bowls of ice cream and ice cream cones. We will try to provide you with the finest ice cream to treat that sweet tooth.

Business Plan

Because of cost restrictions, I will only be able to produce 500 bowls of ice cream and 1,000 ice cream cones in the first month of my business. I will be unable to to spend more than $1,000 during the first month.

Systems of inequalities  

B=Bowls of ice cream    C= Ice cream cones

B>0, B<500

C>0, C<1,000


Cost and Selling Prices

-Each bowl of ice cream will cost $2.50 to produce and each ice cream cone will cost $1.50 to produce

-I am able to sell each bowl of ice cream for $5.00 and each ice cream cone for $2.50


My profit will be selling price minus the cost

B=Bowls of ice cream C=Ice cream cones

Selling= $5.00b+$2.50c



Maximum Profits

(500,0) P=$2.50(500)+$1.00(0)=$1,250

(0,1000) P=$2.50(0)+$1.00(1,000)=$1,000

(500,500) P=$2.50(500)+$1.00(500)=$1,750

(300,1000) P=$2.50(300)+$1.00(1000)=$1,750

(0,0) P=$2.50(0)+$1.00(0)=$0.00

I can maximize my profits if I sell 300 ice cream bowls 1,000 ice cream cones in one month.

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