A few weeks ago we were testing the new ' FIFA 15 'at an event held in Madrid at the Vicente Calderon Stadium , where he plays the reigning Spanish League and Champions League runner-up, Atletico Madrid. In this presentation, we spoke with Nick Channon, senior Fut Coins producer of the game and play the simulator was in a beta state, 50% - 60% according to them. At first, EA Sports wanted to leave us the major developments that incorporated the year happened to ' FIFA 14 '. This is the Ignite engine which improved the presentations, the representation of interests, realism Player with True Motion, the intelligence Human Intelligence and the trajectories of the shots with Pure Shot also affected the animations before the scrimmage.

Ignite comes to PC

One of the major complaints from last year was that the new game engine not made the jump to PC . Well yes this year, EA Sports has decided he wants to ' FIFA ' is truly next-gen compatible and users have the same experience that they have in their hands a One Xbox and PlayStation 4 .

Feel the game

With the phrase "Feel the game", which means " Feel the Game ", 'FIFA 15' whose main pillars, emotion and intensity, improving the understanding of the parties and player control is presented. These three key aim to make the game almost like a real game.

Emotion and intensity

The first novelty of the new release is that all players will have a variable emotion throughout the game. This means that if they fail much more easily be pissed and if everything goes well they will be calmer. This value will also be affected by the actions of colleagues or rivals.


But do not worry, the feeling will not change the gameplay, be just a point from which to make the player react in one way or another throughout the game. For example, if a player takes many missed shots in the replay will see how they throw the anger his teammates. It can also cause a collision in the faults . Another feature that has been retouched is hobbies. If last year became more real, this time they recorded several songs and actual behaviors and have moved the game. Yes, we have not wanted to say how many teams are talking about. One aspect that developers 'FIFA' is missed each of the TV style replays. Those in which we can see the outstanding shares of a party and the reactions of the players applying various filters. This gives a more cinematic look to the entire system . As there, you have to keep tweaking the visual, for example have sought better animations shoulder and has remade the lighting to make it more comprehensive and real. Additionally, each step you take players will be marked in the grass, same with the inputs to ground level. Finally, goal celebrations have 10 players so we can see mountains of them stacked on top of each other.

Unrivalled Intelligence

Players now have more awareness of what is happening in the field. This means that if they win a game try to give more touches in midfield and sleep a little close. Conversely, if they lose they will begin to bet more on the vertical air balls and fast search of a goal. Also there will be loss of time , which we saw ourselves in the throw-ins in which the players were really slow. Others Extra are new uncheck around the ball to give more options to attack or the last defense try not to remove the ball like crazy and is expected to focus more on the front approaches and restrain.

Player Control

For the player to respond much better to controls have been added to many more animations for passes, turns, throw-ins, turns and ball handling. That way if we want change address or spend more complicated, the game should find an appropriate solution. ball control in wagered by giving more importance to the dominant foot while the player is handled well with both. As an example they put Bale's goal against Barcelona. It also has made an effort at the time of the battle of the ball between two players melee can even pull the shirt clear.


'FIFA 15' no really brings revolutionary change, even if you are PC gamer is the first time that you have contact with Ignite, which will really be a major change. Yet in the game we could try it showed quite this new control system players becoming really easy to dribble other players. Will have to see how they get to balance the defense be able to stop these new aces ball. read more: fifa coins xbox one