Rules of What??

By: Kamilah Simmons

Rules Of Society:

                                                   Are all rules/or necessary?

All rules and laws are not necessary because in Jonas community people need a little freedom because sometimes its not so good to live in a perfect world. Like, you cant see your baby in a year until they're 1 years old . For me I wouldn't like that you need all the time you need with your baby.

                                                  Are all rules fair in the giver?

All rules are not fair in the giver because the rules are not necessary and also if you want to move out of the community , you cant you have to stay where you live right there because they won't let you leave.

                                   What happens to people who don't follow the rules?

The people in the giver have to face consequences for not following the rules. The people have to get introble or get punished in a certain way but it depends what you did

                                                    Are all consequences fair?

The consequences are fair because that's what they get if they don't follow the rules or directions . Also, if you did it on purpose then you get more punished  . But, I say yes too because if you did it on accident then you will still get introble and get punished.

                                                  Can rules/laws be changed?

The rules can be changed but only if they are in charged of the community. Another reason but for not changed the rules is on there forever and you can't change it and cant take it back sometimes.

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