Harriot Tubman.

Evidence: Enthusiastic abolitionist, Soldier for the Union, and a brave woman.

She was very valuable by helping the sick, and contracted soldiers of small poxs.

Warrant: Harriet Tubman was very helpful by helping all of the contracted soldiers. Miraculously she never contracted the disease, people considered her blessed by god.

Tubman became the first woman to lead a armed assault.

Warrant: Harriet Tubman led 3 steam boats through confederate mines in the water, leading to the shore. Once ashore they set off the plantations, whistled the horns, and hundreds of slaves came running towards the Union boats.

She believed in helping others.

Warrant: Harriet Tubman freed over 300 slaves. She wasn't selfish about her own freedom and wanted others who weren't as fortunate to experience it as well.

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