Top 3 Messenger apps for relentless communication

It’s a smartphone generation, yes we are here to discover how 3 best messaging apps being helpful for most of our communication needs.

We – mobile apps developers, are here to highlight the magnificent features of top 3 mobile messenger app that has overtaken the limit of the SMS. All we need is an internet connectivity and it’s easy to get in touch with anyone across the globe. Many have forgone the use of SMS and calls, and for most of us Smartphones are not far than 3 feet away. Notifications have been clinging us to keep in touch with our smartphones.

Let us discover what top 3 messenger apps have for us


Whatsapp which can be accessed on IOS 4.3 and higher version, Android 2.1 and higher version, Blackberry OS 4.6 and above, Windows 7.5 and higher version. However there is no access over desktop.

It is easy to share the text, photos, videos, audios, contact information, location data etc. with just an Internet Connection. However it doesn’t support voice calls. Yet, there is great option for a group chat with exclusive features.


Voice calls across the globe with an internet connectivity, Viber lets you enjoy this exclusive feature. Along with added features which other messaging apps offers like to send text, photos, videos and location data. The recent update on viber even lets you make calls to a friend on desktop.

You can even swap an ongoing call from your smartphone to desktop and the other way round. The builtin custom emoticons and stickers are an extra feature for the users who prefer using images while chatting. Viber lets you to enjoy the group chat like other messenger apps.


Most widely used messenger for voice messaging service over all leading mobile platforms. The major attraction being live chat, if you are fond of video calls, Wechat would also get you a hold on video calling facilities, along with the pictures, videos, audios sharing. It’s an only app with few add-ons that lets you to make new friends randomly, you can also make friends with people by proximity.


All 3 apps lets you to send text, photos, videoclips, audio files and location data – which is a basic feature of a messenger app. However you can explore the possibilities of varieties of communication and social benefits to expand networking circles through WeChat.

Yet, Viber and Wechat supports free voice calls with friends or people connected to you. However Whatsapp has relentlessly offering exclusive experience and features for the users over basic messenger features.

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