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1.How is Africa affected by poverty?

I chose this topic and region because poverty is affecting Africa in so many ways. From disease to starvation. Poverty can be the result of climate change and other man-made causes. But one of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa is also the most overlooked...the lack of access to clean drinking water. Several issues like hunger, illness and thirst are both causes and effects. I feel like poverty in Africa is pretty bad because most people can locate a cell phone before than can locate a toilet. Which makes using the bathroom very hard , and just pooping and urinating in the water making it contaminated and not fit to drink . Access to water can break the cycle of poverty. Even poor knowledge ( which Africa is known for) can also lead to poverty because they are not as educated and not understanding how the problem can be fixed.

how can the issue be solved?

    Most of this issue can be solved by overcoming government failure. Not that they are evil people. Overcoming government failure is difficult. Most politicians will ignore the fact that there are issues in the world as long as their family straight , they are straight. Which is not fair to countries , especially like Africa itself. However, poverty does not result from one’s behavior only. The system may contribute to it. In fact most cases show that the poor are trapped in situations where they lack opportunities, they have low labor productivity, they have no access to markets, they have no collateral to have access to finance, and they prey on them to keep their privileged positions

Why should people care

I think people should care because , if it was them they would want to be helped at the most they probably could. I think America as a whole should care about Africa poverty, but only to a certain extent. We shouldn't make it our main priority. We as people should care about because it charity; helping others. That's something the bible speak on. Several issues like hunger, illness and thirst are both causes and effects - for instance: not having water means you're poor, but being poor also means you can't afford water or food. In a sense, they’re a characteristic of poverty in that they define poverty.

Aids/HIV in Africa

Malawi have drastically affected the abilities of the people, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which continues to spread, has had tragic effects on the families structure, and in particular the middle generation expected to provide for the family. Malawi’s first reported case of AIDS occurred in 1985. In 2005 there was a 14% occurrence rate of HIV in adults between the ages of 15-49. Today there are close to 1 million people living with AIDS and it is the leading cause of death in adults. Within the developmental stages of life, individuals are the most dependent during their early childhood years and towards the end of their lives as they get older.   

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       Map of Malawi

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kids in Africa, doing artsy crafty things. You can tell they are living in poverty because of their sizes

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This picture touched me. It showed me not to take things for granted. The kid in this photo looks so adorable.

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in Africa the water is not safe to drink. So usually kids skip school to go get it filtered and make it clean again


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Countries in Africa living on 2 dollars a day or less. This pie graph shows poverty , but also shows the ones thats doing a little better.

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better education will help kids in Africa get out of poverty, but i wouldnt consider that one of the main reason to poverty

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