The Chavin and Mochica

The Chavin

About 900 B.C the civilization took root in the Andes Mountains of the South America in Peru.  The Andes Mountains soared more than two miles in the sky.  Snow-capped peaks within 50 miles in the day coast. Peru is a rough land , and it is very dry.  Still the people were  able to flourish in the region. The people live in narrow valleys formed by the rivers that flowed from the peaks to the desert floor. The civilization lasted until about 200 B.C. We know about them because of the ruins they found, especially from the city of Chavin. The Chavin were very great artists. The Chavin art is found widespread in the surrounding area, so archaeologists believe that the Chavin influenced other people. About 200 B.C. the Chavin suddenly disappeared. No one knows what happened to them.

Chavin Map

Chavin Art

The Mochica

The Mochica are one of the earliest cultures in Peru it started about 100 B.C. and lasted for 700 years. The Mochica lived in the Moche valley between the mountains of Peru. Like the Chavin the Mochica were skilled artists. The Mochica were farmers and skilled builders they grew maize, beans, and squash. They used water from the river to irrigate their crops and they were excellent fishermen. Water jugs have been important information to tell how they lived. No one knows what happened to the Mochica. When they left they left behind ceramic vessels, woven textiles, murals, gold, silver, and copper. They created beautiful objects that lasted for centuries. The Mochica built pyramids that were flat topped. The disappearance of the Mochica has remained a mystery .

Mochica Map

Moche valley

Solving a Mystery

In many ways,the Chavin and the Mochica are mysteries. No one knows for sure where they came from or what happened to them. We do not know their names are. The name Chavin came from an archaeologist site. The name Mochica came from the name of the river valley. It is from their art, artifacts, and ruins that we have been able to learn about them. Which each new discovery a little bit of mystery is uncovered. However hundreds of years after the mysterious disappearance of the Mochica. The Ande mountains might not be a promising place for a great empire, a great civilization started after the disappearance of the Mochica. Only further archaeologists can tell us how great the Chavin and Mochica influence was on that civilization.


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