Growing and Caring for Peace Lily: Give Peace a Chance, Grow a Lily

All you need to know about this air detoxing and forgiving flower.

“Give Peace a Chance”, sang John Lennon and I swear by all things holy, the general state of the world will be both drastically and dramatically improved if our elected representatives heed this particular message. They don't seem to be very interested about it though, it's all about geopolitics. Duh.

Truth be told, there isn't much we can do about this particular question. Besides, probably, listening to John Lennon, my namesake Bobby Dylan and the likes a lot. Which I do. Or get involved in politics. I mean, I have a Master's in International Relations and yet it seems to me a step way too far to get involved. Not sure I'm ready to waste my life away in this particular way.

That's why we can give another peace a chance and grow a brilliant lily. All right, my wordplay doesn't work well today (or any other day for that matter), but nevertheless peace lily is a brilliant flower that we ought to love.

Why? Well, where do I start? Oh, well... it's a beautiful little flower. Recently, NASA made it official — it's one of the top 10 air cleaning plants. Since outdoor pollution is a serious problem plaguing us every day, and we don't even know this invisible menace is harming us all our lives, please take the proper precautions and check my article about 5 plants to clean the indoor air and detox your home. Grow them beauties and rest free that the air quality in your home is as good as it could possible be. Best we can do.

Back to the peace lily, I already mentioned this plant is beautiful and improves air quality, but you also have to grow it for its forgiving nature and because of the fact it sags a bit when it needs water. It's endearing, useful and cute.

Although peace lily is easy to care for, a casual gardener always needs a tip or two, so check the lads at Thames Ditton Gardeners, them seasoned pros will give you a helping hand. Give peace a chance, people.

How to Care for my Peace Lily — Where to Place It and Light Needs

The very first thing you need to know after you buy a peace lily is that this is a shade-loving flower. Like an English girl with snow-white skin on summer vacation in Portugal, you better protect it well from direct sun or there would be some serious consequences.

West-facing window is probably best, but what's important is that it should be at least six feet away from the window. That's the minimum. If you spot yellowing leaves or brown spots, you have to move it further away, until you find the perfect spot for your peace lily.

Both yellowing peace lily leaves and brown spots indicate the same thing — too much light. Brown spots tell you that its leaves are scorched and that's what happens when you expose it to too much direct sunlight.

Peace lily requires indirect light that's not too strong. Artificial source of light also does the trick, so if you give your peace lily some fluorescent love, this flower would be pretty ok with that. It's all down to its forgiving nature, I tell you.

Best Temperature for Growing Peace Lily

Peace lily likes the same room temperature that we humans do, so anything in the 18-27°C range will be mighty appreciated by this plant. It's a prerequisite for it to grow strong and to thrive, but very easily achievable as well. Temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius will kill it.

Peace lily is rather sensitive to cold drafts (I hate them too), so do your best to position it in a place where it won't be exposed too much.

When Peace Lilies Get Thirsty, They Droop a Bit to Tell You It's Watering Time

Once a week is the general rule for watering peace lilies and it works pretty well too. One of those peculiarities that are peace lily's special talent is that they have a unique way to indicate they want to be watered. It's a you-know-mate-i-think-i-can-do-with-some-water type of droop, a charming pose that always makes me smile.

Like most plants, water more during the summer and less during the winter. If the soil is dry, it's watering time!

Mind that peace lilies don't like the chloride in the tap water. Fill a container with tap water in the evening and water in the morning. Twelve hours are enough for the chloride to evaporate.

Peace Lily Appreciates a Bit of Fertilizer Love in the Summer

It's not a requirement for your peace lily to grow well. But if you really are chasing a bloom of magnificent proportions, it's best to use a well-balanced, your-average-plant-loves-it 20-20-20 fertilizer.

It's best to apply it in the bloom period — that's spring and summer — at one-quarter the recommended strength. Your peace lily will love you. Don't use chemical fertilizers, these flowers don't appreciate them one bit.

Repotting Peace Lily

If your peace lily seems to need more and more water every day, its roots are showing and it's not flowering like it should, well, you need to repot it into a bigger container or create a few smaller plants out of it.

It's best to do it in spring. The benefits are that it encourages further growth and create more space for the roots to reach their maximum potential.

It's best to do it when you feel your peace lily needs it, but don't overdo it. Once every two years is usually fine.

Is Peace Lily Actually Poisonous?

Yes, peace lily is indeed mildly poisonous. Not as bad as most of these beautiful, but seriously poisonous plants that I told you about, but still it poses some danger to kids and especially pets.

Peace lily contains calcium oxalate. It's released if someone takes a bite of the plant and that someone is usually your pet.

Luckily, fatalities are unheard of, because your dog or cat immediately understands something is going wrong and refuses to eat the peace lily any further. The immediate effects include drooling, foaming and occasionally vomiting, as well as swelling of certain parts of your pet's body.

So the peace lily does know how to look after itself. Use this guide to give it some proper help and you will grow a thing of enormous beauty that will make your living environment better.

Wish you happy growing.

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