Homefront Tackk

Name: Bob Buchanan          Side: Union
                              Age:22                From: Indiana
Entry dates: April 12 - April 16, 1861
I live with my Grandma.
My brother Bill is serving for the Union.

                                                    Entry 1 April 12, 1861

Morning activities: Write letters to loved ones, play card games, read books, send some of my pay to loved ones.

Afternoon activities: Play baseball, pitched horseshoes, played football, listen to music, foot races

I made food for the Union and made them clothes to wear.

                                                               Entry 2 April 13, 1861

Dear Bill,

I hope you're staying safe and hope that you're killing some confederates. I heard that you might of been in the Battle of Fort Sumter and was wondering if you were okay. Bill I hope you get to come home soon.


Your brother Bob

                                                              Entry 3 April 14, 1861

Morning activities: drink coffee, eat breakfast, read the newspaper, talk to people

Afternoon activities: Boxing, horse races, eat dinner, talk to other people.

I cleaned their uniforms, I got them a place to stay for awhile, and I got them some better guns to use.

                                                             Entry 4 April 15, 1861

Dear Bill,

I'm so glad to hear back from you and know that you're okay. All of the family is glad that you're okay and able to right back. I saw that you were in the Battle of Sewell's Point not the Battle of Fort Sumter.

                                                              Entry 5 April 16, 1861

     I have some really sad news to tell you. I found out yesterday that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated while he was at the theater. John Wilkes Booth got into the presidential box quietly and pulled out his gun and shot Lincoln in the back of the head, but it didn't kill Lincoln right away and as soon as Lincoln was shot his wife dropped to him and started screaming then she got shot in the shoulder. They carried Lincoln to a house next door and got a surgeon right away, but when the surgeon got there he looked at the wound and said that he couldn't be saved that he would die in a couple of hours. In the early morning hours Lincoln was pronounced dead. Lincoln was then put into a temporary coffin so that he could be transported to Illinois for his burial. While Lincoln was being transported by train thousands of people lined up on the side of the train tracks to pay their respects to their fallen hero.

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