Dear grade 6 balmoral students

By: Ashley & Serena.

Here at balmoral everyone's welcoming and we want to show you how our school is going to shape you, and how your going to help create a even better image of balmoral.

Here at balmoral we don't bully were all friends and we make each other smile in many ways.

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At balmoral we have a big heart and for you to fit in there's some simple rules you have to follow..

-be nice to your class and school mates

-try your hardest

-have bobcat spirit

-participate in sports and clubs which is a great way to make friends with the same interests as you

-be unique

-be respectful to the staff and your teachers

-stay healthy and happy

-follow the code of conduct


if your feeling nervous....


Everyone at balmoral is friendly, grade 8s may seem mean because there older but there nice and they'll give you advice and support you cause they've been in your position and they no how you feel but they also survived the feelings your going threw which makes them simpthetic of you.

At the end of the day we promise that you will enjoy the next 3 years of your life, from long lasting friendship, trips clubs and teams. You'll look back at these years and smile.
but just remember before you can do that there might be some bumps along the way 👽

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