by Madison

What are tsunamis?

  A tsunami is a big wave. Tsunamis happen because something major happens under the ocean. Most tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes. Landslides can also start a tsunami. The water pushes the wave up. These waves can move as fast as an airplanes. It starts slowing down when it reaches the shore. The wave gets bigger then.

How it forms
A big wave

When a Tsunamis Is Over

It is hard to rescue people because some people float out to sea and there is a lot of debris (wrecked stuff) when tsunamis are over. The wave goes over the land. It can pick up cars, houses and boats. They break into pieces.

A tsunamis is tacking stuff back
The tsunami pulled all the debris on shore.

Where do tsunamis happen?

    Most tsunamis happen on the ring of fire on the pacific ocean.

A Bad  Tsunami!!!

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