By - Jaylin Jackson

Robert walton finds victor in the ice and rescues him.

Robert walton finds victor in the ice and rescues him

This is were robert walton saves victor from the middle of the ice. His sled dogs had died and he had broken his sled to form a paddle to move along.

Victor tells robert stories about his family

While on the voyage with Robert, victor tells him stories from back home. He talks about his childhood and his relationship with his parents. Also he talks about his "sister" Elizabeth and how much he cares for her.

Victor digs up graves and begins to experiment

By digging up graves he begins learning how to bring things back to life. This sparks his interest further more and so he begins his next experiment/journey.

victor travels to the university of ingolstadt

Once there he begins work on an eight foot monster in his dorm room. He works on getting pieces and parts and constructing his monster. When it was all set and done victor gets scared and runs away abandoning the monster.

victor receives a death letter and begins his travels back to geneva

While away victor gets a letter telling him that his little brother has been murdered. They tell him when he returns home not to come furious but calm.

The monster begins to kill victors people

The deaths the monster created force victor to have a new outlook on life, and carry on to the woods to keep sane. From there he travels up to the mountains to get his mind right and get away from everything.

Victor goes to the mountains

While he's in the mountains he says he wants something to take him away whether it be good or bad. well next thing you know the monster pops up, and he ask victor to hear him out and tells his story of his travels.

Victor travels back to england for 1 year

Victor has an agreement with the monster on the mountain and agrees to create the monster a companion. The monster then stalks and follows victor all the way there to england and awaits his companion. Victors thinks about how much trouble this would cause and gets mad and tears the creation up. The monster then tells him he will suffer and he will have revenge on his wedding night.

Victor sails out onto the lake to dump the remains

Victors sails out onto the lake to dump the remains of the second creation. He waits until nightfall to throw the things parts overboard, afterward he falls asleep and drifts off into the current. When he awakes he gets lucky and manages to find land, once there he's accused of murder. He's taken to jail and treated with the most hospitality, there he waits his trial. His father shows up and they go to his jury were he was found innocent. On their return home victor receives a letter from Elizabeth talking about whether he loves her or not.

Victor travels back and marries Elizabeth

When victor and his father return home victor and Elizabeth get married. On the night of the honeymoon the monster kills Elizabeth. Some time passes and victors father dies as well, Victor decides to cast death unto the monster and begins a hunt after him. The monster begins to catch on and leaves victor clues and food. Victor gets a land sled with dogs and finally tracks the monster when the ice beneath him cracks. The dogs begin to die and he breaks the sled to paddle the ice. A boat comes by and rescues him ( Robert Walton ) and he begins to tell his story. He tells Robert that if he is to die then take care of the monster. Victor ended up dying of depression and Robert followed upon his request.

The last chapter

Robert Walton tracks down the monster and he is so ugly Robert can't look him in the eyes. He informs him that Frankenstein has now died, that being said the monster has nothing else to live for. The monster kills himself by burning himself alive. THE END!

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