Lifestyle Choices and their Effects


There are many choices in life and sometimes it's hard to make the right choices. Making the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy, being active, and not do drugs, and even living in a clean environment can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating right and exercising is an important factor in living a healthy lifestyle. So making the right food choices is important. There are many fast food places, making it difficult to eat healthy. Eating fast food once in a while is ok as long as you exercise enough. Not exercising enough and eating fast food causes obesity. More than two-thirds of adults in America are overweight or obese and about a third of the kids are obese. Obesity causes many health problems including diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, and even physiological problems. Eating healthy and staying active is important in living a healthy lifestyle.


There are many types of drugs out there including meth, dope, cocaine, and steroids. Drugs are extremely harmful to the body and mind and can even have long lasting consequences that alter your brain. Most drugs cause heart attacks, high blood pressure, hurt your lungs, cause kidney disease and can even stop you from breathing. Doing drugs have long lasting dangerous effects that keep you from living a healthy lifestyle.


If your living in a city your probably familiar with air pollution. Air pollution is any substance that people get in the atmosphere that damages the environment and the living things in it. The most common type of air pollution is carbon dioxide; it transmits in the air by the cars, planes, and other things that burn fossil fuel. Air pollution causes many health problems like heart disease, aggravated cardio-vascular and respiratory disease, and damaged cells in the respiratory system and it hurts the environment. It's important to use light efficient light bulbs, and conserve your energy by turning off light and other electrical appliances when they're not being used, it's the right thing to do:).         To live a healthy life style you have to make the right choices by eating healthy, staying active, not do drugs, and help keep the environment clean.