The Plague of the Birds

Wretched, Fatal, Horrible

  As soon as the Bubonic Plague struck Europe big changes were afoot for the catholic Church. The churches actions during the plague were incredible irresponsible. The blame for the black death was misplaced upon the people that could resist the Plague. Christians blamed the Jews for the plague and began burning, chopping, and drowning them. The only reason the Jews could resist the plague was because of their superior hygiene skill's! Finally Pope Clement VI imposed a religious law to stop the massacring and said the Black death was “the result of an angry God striking at the Christian people for their sins.”After the Jews were of the hook the blame shifted to the Catholic Church who was helpless to stop the plague. The Black Death created many problems for the Church . One of which was money issues. The loss of population resulted in the crash of the urban grain market which was a major source of funds for the church. To recover from the grain market crash the church began selling their surfs freedom, which lost lots of money in the long run. Needing more money the Catholic Church began selling offices sometimes multiple to one man, which resulted in a single person having lots of power and charging fees for  simple church services. This led to resentment towards the church, and the lost of authority among commoners and the higher class. In conclusion as a result of the plague the Catholic church faced some huge problems.