Johnnie Walker's "Keep Walking" campaign is one that stems from the company's rich history and their powerful story about a family on the quest to create the perfect scotch whiskey. The story begins with John Walker, a tea blender who began to use his expertise to perfect the blending process of different single-malt whiskeys of the region into one that was extremely rich in flavor and high in quality. This craft was later passed on to John's son Alexander, and eventually on to his sons and continued to be carried out through the generations that followed.

It is important to note that, although the craft of creating the whisky is part of what has been passed down through the Walker family for almost 200 years, the real power of the company comes from the perseverance to "Keep Walking", or to keep pursuing the most opportunity possible for the company. "...To this day, ours is a legacy defined not by accomplishments past, but by our commitment to looking ever ahead." The company has certainly lived up to this through the ages in what they have done. In the 19th century they were able to reach the masses by cutting deals with ship captains. They also implemented the use of the square-shaped bottle for added strength while shipping. Johnnie Walker continues to be as imaginative today through their marketing campaigns and the release of new products. This company has always seemed to be able to remain entrepreneurial and innovative in an attempt to live up to the legacy of John Walker, "The Man Who Walked Around the World".

In this video, we can see one of the ways Johnnie Walker has chosen to tell their story. The video depicts a man, swiftly walking on a dirt road (presumably in Scotland somewhere). As the man is walking, he is telling the story of Johnnie Walker Whiskey and preaching with enthusiasm about John Walker and his family's quest to "walk around the world". Along the way, he never stops walking but continues to pick up props to emphasize certain points of the story. There is only one camera shot throughout the entirety of the video, most likely symbolizing the fact that the company never stops, and that they are always striving forward in pursuit of a strong future.

Another example of Johnnie Walker's story being told is through the following video, which is a much more condensed version outlining the most important steps on the timeline to success for this company.

Below, you will find links to the Johnnie Walker Website, as well as their Pintrest and Tumblr accounts. The website does a wonderful job of telling their story in depth, and the other pages highlight different ways the company uses media to express this story.

One of the things that Johnnie Walker really excels at is using their story to inspire their market. The "Keep Walking" phrase has become an international symbol of progress and has even found its way into pro-democracy rallies. They have based an entire advertising campaign on this phrase, in which they tell success stories and the journeys or "walks" that led to them.

"Keep Walking" is what the company bases their success story around. They are able to attach this phrase to their story, as well as to other stories, to truly inspire their consumers. This really allows them to engage with their market on an incredibly deep level. They are selling more than just whiskey, they are selling the story of inspiration behind the brand.

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