Scottie bowley  

My Favorite Things

this webpage is about my favorite things!

As you can see from the picture above, I have many favorite things! And that isn't even half of them.

Too start out with...

I'm going to tell you about my favorite place

Well of course the beach is my favorite place, I mean whats not to love about it! It is probably the most relaxing place to be, and not to mention the great food you eat when you go there! Also its always sunny and warm, plus you get tan! The only thing I do all week when I go to the beach is lay on a towel and tan!

My favorite places to SHOP!!

Well as you can see I love to shop! One of the best places to find great clothes for less is  definitely FOREVER 21! I love to shop at Hobby Lobby because it has everything you could ever dream of for your room. Lastly, I love shopping at Sephora because they have the best makeup ever.

Favorite Hobbies

I love sports, and thats basically what my life revolves around. My favorite sport/hobbie is basketball! I play guard and I'm number 10. Other hobbies include, running track, and cheerleading!

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