1945: Vietnam's Independence

Ho Chi Mihn declares Vietnam's indepence.  Now Vietnam had control over their economy and army because they were no longer under containment.

1956: The French

The French left Vietnam due to their loss of the Vietnam war.  This showed the power of the Vietnamese and threatened other countries such as the United States.

1964: Gulf of Tonkin Incident

North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked the USS Madox in the Gulf of Tonkin.  The significance of this event was that it led American Troops to move to Vietnam to fight.

1969: American Vietnamization

President Richard Nixon declared the Vietnamization, which meant that they sent all American troops to Vietnam to fight.  The significance of this event is that it showed the massive threat that Vietnam opposed against other countries, especially France and the United States.

1973-1975: American Troops Leave

The American troops left Vietnam due to the cease fire that was signed. This marked the end of the Vietnam war.

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