Scott Krautman - His Tennis Game

Scott Krautman says that he is lucky to have grown up in Florida, where he is able to get outside and enjoy an active lifestyle for twelve months out of every year. He was born and raised in the Ocala area, went to school in Fort Myers at Florida Gulf Coast University, and is currently living and working in the Fort Myers area.

Probably because of that, he grew up playing a lot of sports. He was a defensive end on his high school football team, good enough to be a starter for his junior and senior years but not big enough to receive any offers to play college football. He is also an avid golfer who gets out on the links whenever he can, and loves to get in a good game of tennis.

Scott Krautman is a sales and marketing executive with a small TV station in the West Palm Beach area, and he says that he enjoys working closely with the station's sports department. "One of the guys there is a heckuva tennis player, and I learned a lot from him," he says. "He really helped me improve my game." One of the most important things he learned about playing tennis was to stick with just one pattern of play. "The really good players only have one or two patterns during a match," he says. "It's the amateurs who have a lot more, and it works to their disadvantage. I learned that the best players stick with what works, and that is always going to be your strongest shots." Now, he says, he always starts his play with a forehand.

The guy in the sports department also showed him how to pull back on the speed of his serve. "I was hitting my serve as hard as possible, and getting a lot of faults because of that," Scott Krautman says. "I learned that the serve is probably the most important shot in the game, so pulling back to maybe eighty percent of your power is going to give you more control over it, and fewer faults."

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