Hello, my name is Coline and WELCOME to my Tackk !
So, I'm 15 years old and I live in Lille. I have 2 sisters whose names are Tiphaine and Camille and 1 brother whose name is Kevin. I'm the youngest in my family (that luck) ! I haven't any pets in my house because my parents said "You'll have your cat when you'll have your own flat ! è_é !" and I answered : "Okay. ;-;". So I think if one day I had a cat, it name would be "Chat" because I'm so original.


It's my sister and me. I'm on the right ! :D

It's a picture of me.
It's verry big but I don't know how to make it smaller... ._.

edit : I found it, I'm so awesome (thank you Luca)

The kind of music I like to listen are musics from anime, electro musics and rock musics.

These are my favorites musics ! :D

I love food. I'm always eating ! My favorites foods are the asian food, the yogourts and  THE CHICKEN.

See you soon ! n_n