The Civil War

A little about Myself:

Hello y'all! My name's Dixie and even though I live in the southern state of Tennessee, I'm on the Union's side. How can anybody see that slaves aren't human? They were created by the Lord just like us weren't they? Sorry, I lost my temper, but it's just unfair. Today is June 18th, 1864. I'm currently 14 years old. The war has been goin' on since  61' and I don't know how much more I can take of this! My daddy's been going around and fighting the confederates since the beginning of May, and I miss him an awful lot. My momma needs my help more than ever, now that I have a little brother and all. He's the cutest thing, but momma can't work because of her condition. She had some complications during labor and has had to stay in bed ever since. I'm worried about her, but I know that she'll make it. I live in the town of Gatlinburg, where everything is beautiful! Here's  a map so you can see it!

Day 1: June 19th, 1864

The day started out as normal with my many morning chores. I had to wash the clothes, hang them out to dry, and make momma her breakfast. Then I had to take care of Samuel. He takes a lot of naps though, so I was able to get my chores done before dinner. While Samuel was asleep and momma was resting, I went into town to bring scraps and some leftover change that I had found in the garden to the war shelter. I had never been able to give extra change but when I was weeding I found some coins! It was a miracle! We are doing quite well, so I thought that I would help the war, even though it may not be the war. When I got home, I made dinner, watered the garden, and fed Samuel. He was very hungry after his afternoon nap! I finally laid him back to sleep and gave momma my goodnight kisses. I think I'm gonna write daddy tomorrow.

Day 2: June 20th,1864

I wrote daddy a letter today. It went something like this:

Dearest Daddy,

I miss you so much! Samuel is getting so big, even if he is still so tiny! Where are you at the moment? I heard about the Battle of Trevilian Station. I hope you're safe and well. Momma is getting better little by little everyday! Yesterday I found two coins in the garden and I decided to help out with the war effort by giving it to the station. I've never been able to do something like that, and it felt wonderful. I hope that somehow that money can go to somebody that needs it out there. I hear Samuel waking from his nap. I must go, but I hope you will get this letter soon.

Love, Dixie

Day 3: June 21st,1864

Today, I started my morning chores with weeding in the garden and feeding the animals. After that I gathered some supplies to take to the war station. People in town say that the war's gonna end soon, but I don't know. I'm still bringing supplies. Just in case. I ended my morning chores while sweeping the floors. I decided to take some extra cloth that I had sown together to make a patchwork blanket. I also had more food and ammunition that I had found lying around. It makes me feel so wonderful inside when I help all of the soldiers. Well, not all of them, but you guys get the picture. I hope I get daddy's letter soon.

Day 4: June 22nd,1864

I got daddy's letter today. I was very excited and anxious at the same time. What if he was hurt or worse, dead, but when I opened it I was relieved. Here's what it said:

Dear Dixie,

I'm absolutely fine. Maybe a little hungry, but fine. I'm glad to hear that Samuel is doing well, and that your momma is getting better. I wish I was there with you and your mother and brother. There was another Petersburg assault. It wasn't as bad as the last one, but it caught us off guard. Are you still on the Union side? I hope so because even though we live in the south we must do what's right with the lord. I won't preach anymore, but I just wan to remind you what's important. I love you and I hope you wait for my return.

Love, Daddy

I was so happy that daddy was safe and sound. Momma was overjoyed. I mean I think she was. She smiled bigger than she has in a while, and it made me smile. I am a little worried about the Petersburg assaults, but I know daddy can take care of himself.

Hopefully he can come home soon....

Day 5: June 23rd,1864

President Lincoln is running for president again. I'm very thrilled at the idea of him being with us for another four years! Even in war, this country has had him as a backbone that keeps us together no matter what. He has very good values, and definitely knows how to run a country. I just hope that America can stay together long enough to have another president.

The campaign has been going very well, and Mr. President has kept a very steady head on his shoulders even though the war has not ended yet. I can't imagine how much pressure and stress he must be feeling. Many people are asking when the war will end. Of course Mr. Lincoln doesn't have an answer yet because he is only human and can't possibly know when the war could end. Daddy wrote me a letter and said that he is coming home. Maybe the end of the war is near.

Daddy came home today, and he said that there is little activity on the battlefield. Maybe the war is coming to an end. I can almost taste the peace between the two parts of the country. The president is very hopeful for the end. I heard that there may only be a few more battles, but of course it's all gossip these days. I guess the war will end when everyone comes home. Only some people won't.

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